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Having a WHALE of a time in Hawai'i




Almost everyone knows that Humpbacks migrate to the Hawaiian Islands between November and April.  Many people aren’t aware of that there are other members of the whale family who enjoy the tropical waters off the Islands.

In 1993 there was only an estimated 6000 whales in the North Pacific Ocean and 4000 of them came to Hawai'i.  It is now estimated by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary that there are over 21000!  It is always a thrill to see them leap out of the water.  Frequently in Hawaii'i you will have the opportunity to see a mother and baby close to the shore. 

Many boat tour operators operate on the Big Island.  It's a special experience to be out on the ocean with these giants of the sea. Check out  Go Hawaii website for not only the Big Island but other islands in our beautiful chain in the Pacific.  You will also find links to other activities at their site!

The Big Island also plays host to Pilot Whales and the occasional Sperm Whale or Killer Whale!

Melon headed Whales and Pygmy Sperm Whales are two smaller members who can be spotted occasionally.  These two types of whales are less than 10 feet in size, considerably smaller than their giant cousin the humpback who can be over 45 feet long and weigh 35 TONS!


Pop Culture and Real Estate Rules You May Not Wish To Live By


"I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live?  I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoe!"  Carrie from Sex And the City 

One of the most important aspects to developing personal wealth through real estate may be putting off until tomorrow what you'd like to spurge on today.  Although it is possible to buy with no money, it is frequently easier to purchase real estate if you have a bit of cash set by.         Roxy Van Bockel, RS

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