Roxy Van Bockel

REALTOR® Salesperson

 Eight Little Guidelines to Help you sell your property.




1:  Gloom equals doom in showing your home. Turn on the lights and open up the drapes to let in the Sunshine!

2:  Try not to be at home during a showing.  Many people are uncomfortable about walking through a house when the    owner is present.  If you have jewelry or other items you are concerned about either lock it up in a safe or rent a storage shed. If you can’t leave during a showing please stay in the background.  Let the agent decide if you are the best source for the answer to a buyer’s question.

3:  Make arrangements for Fido and Fluffy to be OUT of the house and preferably down the street.  The cat on your bed made look darling to you but to many buyers it looks like a hair ball.  There are also many people who are afraid of dogs – they simply won’t be relaxed enough to enjoy your home with the pet in view or climbing up their legs.

 4:  Buyers love the property when they drive up or opt not to purchase.  Curb appeal is one of the most important selling factors in your arsenal.  Does the mail box look new?  Is the yard well kept?  Are there a few flowers blooming in pots by the door. 

5:  PAINT!  PAINT! PAINT!   Most women look better with a little makeup and so will your house.  Make it look fresh with neutral colors.  If purple and orange are your favorite colors – let someone else pick the palette.

6:  Keep it sparkly.  Clean looks and fresh smelling are absolute musts.  Sellers literally run out of houses with pet odors or mildew scents.  Trying to cover up the smells with scented sprays does not work with today’s savvy buyers.  So first eradicate the source of the odor and be very leery of using heavy scented air freshener.  Go for the light scents such as neutral, linen or rain if you absolutely must use something.  Carpet deodorizer with baking soda works wonders.  

7:  Never store anything in your oven to clean off the counter.  You will forget, preheat the oven and realize that you just burned your files.

 8:  Stage rooms to be what they were intended to be, not what you ended up with.  The main entrance to the house opens into the living room not your 35 year old son’s bedroom.  He can still live there but he’ll have to store computer/clothes/motorcycle somewhere else and fold up the couch every morning! 

You have done your best – now let your house sell itself with the help of Roxy Van Bockel, RS  at Century 21 All Islands that you’ve engaged to make the process smooth, efficient and cost-effective.


Would You Like to Sell Your House?

To a prospective buyer, the total value of your home isn’t limited to the price paid.  The dictionary defines value as “that which makes anything worth possessing”.  When looking at possible new homes, the buyer is motivated by what the house will do for his or her family.  Will the house serve their needs comfortably?  Will they be proud to invite friends and family into it?  Does it feel like they could settle in and be happy there? 


Sometimes houses do grow on buyers, but most often the first impression that the house makes on people is the one they carry away with them.  Usually, they have looked at five or more houses on the same day they look at yours.  The one that appears to be the most spacious, the most cheerful, and has the most curb appeal is the house they will remember.  To sell them your house, yours must be the best possible choice in that price range.